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3 Months - - Getting bigger, Eating more

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Uncle Ray Arianna

Uncle Ray visits the boys: 6/3/05

Uncle Ray had a pleasant 3 day visit with the triplets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I'm only half joking when I say I thank my lucky stars (like the ones on the ceilings of the bedrooms) to be living such a carefree life. What a chore to dedicate your life to your family! Heck, I even wimped out and stayed in bed the last few times I heard the little ones crying in the night.

I was in the house for less than 10 minutes when a baby was thrust into my arms. Between the kids that live there, those from the neighborhood, and those brought by Lorraine's helpers, there could be up to 10 children running around the house at any time! But all seem to know how to care for the babies and are happy to help. Matthew, Mark and Luke are fun to watch. They are darling!!!!!

Uncle Ray w/ Arianna, Kaylin, Matthew, Mark, Luke

Little Helpers Uncle Ray and the van

Drotors visit Feeding time

cousins Arianna

Those rare peaceful moments: 6/3/05

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